From Superintendent Sergio Loyola

Dear Friends in Christ:

Today my wife and I visited our churches and pastoral families in Los Angeles, Coronel, Lagunilla, Lota, Talcahuano, Cerro Centinela (the areas affected most by the earthquake). Our goal was to see how things are proceeding with our church. We returned with sad hearts because the situation in many places, and in the homes of our church members, is the same today as it was two or three weeks ago.

Thanks to gifts received from our brothers and sisters in the U.S., repairs to our churches and pastoral homes have begun, but what we have received will not be sufficient. Our budget is $88,920. We are asking only for money sufficient to attack the most urgent issues. We need to receive 100% of the funds urgently, before the rains begin. These will come approximately at the beginning of May.

We are learning that the pre-fabricated homes are more expensive, the construction materials’ prices have increased enormously, and we still have three pastoral families with no place to live and we need to repair three more homes. We are working on the churches affected.

With respect to government programs, they are not responding quickly and, of course, as a protestant church we don’t have much possibility of receiving this type of help. In other words, we must repair our churches and our pastoral homes with our own money, and it is there where we would appreciate help.

In Christ,
Sergio O. Loyola
Superintendent, Chilean Conference of the Free Methodist Church

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