Update from Ricardo and Beth Gomez

A little over six weeks have passed since the 8.8 earthquake struck Chile. In that time, the seasons have changed from summer to fall which means two things: cooler temperatures and the promise of rain. This reality accentuates the need for recovery and reconstruction in Chile! According to Chilean Superintendent Sergio Loyola, rather than improving, conditions in many of the most affected areas are just getting worse. Please read his translated letter in the next article.

If you’ve been following our updates, you may possibly be more informed about the reality of the Chilean earthquake than most other North Americans because it just simply isn’t in the news up there! Therefore, we desperately need your help to share the story.

Working together, we can raise the outstanding $53,000 necessary to get our Free Methodist pastors into pre-fabricated housing before winter begins. Working together the structural damages that threaten our churches can be repaired by the end of this month.

With deep appreciation for you ministry to us, and with hearts still aching for our suffering brothers and sisters,

Ricardo and Beth Gomez
Free Methodist World Missions

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