Update from Ricardo and Beth Gomez
April 19, 2010
Your money has been put to work in Chile! The Chilean Emergency team has already purchased some prefabricated homes for the south and construction to replace the roof at Comunidad Cristiana Casa Grande in Santiago begins tomorrow!

We’ve asked you to help spread the word – so that others might give. At the same time, we’ve been telling the people here about your generosity. Inspired by those stories, the twenty-two (only 22) people who attended Sunday’s church service at Casa Grande committed to donate $800 to help replace the new roof. We aren’t talking about a wealthy congregation. In attendance that day were at least 6 elderly people on fixed incomes, a few college students, and a lady who has recently lost her job.Will you share their story – and that of Pastor Nelson Concha which is found below? Together we can accomplish what we could never do alone!

Post-earthquake Ministry
A Report from Pastor Nelson Concha (Lota, Chile)

Now more than a month since the earthquake, we can say that God has been very faithful.  Otherwise we couldn’t still be standing. Thanks to the help and prayers of our brothers and sisters, we can see the love of God, not only for ourselves but also for those around us.

In reality, we need help; many are still scared. Part of that is because “prophets” have arisen from other churches, planting fear and terror in everyone as they declare “something worse is coming.” Some entire churches have moved to the mountains, where they still live. Others are living filled with terror.

This is very bad. The church, which should bring confidence in God, is showing that God wants to punish us more, and instead of transmitting strength is spreading insecurity.

Our church members have hurting hearts. Our services are services of adoration, of confidence, faith and holiness, but some continue to live with hurting hearts. They cannot sleep and still many have stopped protecting their own homes.

As pastors, we are tired. We believe that God will carry all of our burdens, but we still feel like we are carrying them all. This is the reality, not only of our physical but also spiritual condition. We would love to receive brothers and sisters that want to come help us and spend time in communion with us.

Pastor Nelson also talked about the physical condition of Lota: Of people still living in tents or unsafe homes, the damaged church building, the lack of running water, and the continuing aftershocks. He said, “We need construction materials or the money to by them – not only for the church but also for church members who are still living in unsafe conditions.”

Ricardo will be traveling to visit and share some encouragement with Pastor Nelson and his church family this week. Please keep praying for Chile and for all of the pastors and churches who are facing similar experiences

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