By Ricardo and Beth Gomez

Three months ago Thursday, Chile was awakened by 7th strongest earthquake in history. As we drove north last month (and farther from the epicenter) we were surprised by the number of pedestrian bridges we saw that had been destroyed by the quake. Yet there are other changes to which we have become accustomed.
We cannot, however, become accustomed to the daily challenges that so many still face as a result of that earthquake. Reconstruction is still in process. Although some of our Free Methodist churches and parsonages have been fixed, there is still work to be done. Some projects have not yet started due to lack of resources. Any financial gifts will help get people into warmer/safer homes and churches, something that is particularly important now that the winter temperatures have arrived.
In Santiago, the roof replacement at Casa Grande is almost complete. Please continue to pray for the worker’s safety in these last few days of work! There is still other repair work to be done at this church building. Another project in the city is underway to help replace a wall that was badly damaged at the Santa Rosa FM church.

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