Last Friday, International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) Director Linda Adams received the following communication from Flor Venegas, ICCM’s Field Coordinator in Chile. ICCM sponsors 130 children in Chile.

Greetings in Jesus. Thanks for your letter; it was like a hug for me in this time. I want to thank you for your concern for our ministry here in Chile. I and mine are good, thanks to God.

In relation to the February 27 earthquake here in Chile, there were no deaths of International Child Care Ministries sponsored children, family and church in general, even when many people were missing. The Lord once again was faithful in this great earthquake and tsunami that hit our central and southern region and much of our coast.

There are many children who need psychological support because they were impacted that night and then they see their homes damaged and the aftershocks continue with tsunami warnings, causing anxiety and fear. Yesterday, for example, an aftershock was 6.9 on the Richter scale and all coastal inhabitants had to run to the hills. Children also are affected by the lack of electricity, water and food in some sectors.

As for our pastors, there are several who have lost their homes, but thank God because they and their families are alive. Our Bishop visited the churches most affected in this devastating earthquake. His visit was a blessing for the church in Chile.

We are helping with food and clothes and we hope to do a medical mission to support our children. We are going to include entertainment activities for them.

Although we know you are praying for us and for Chile, please intensify your prayers for Chile. Although there are signs that another earthquake could come on this land, we know that the last word belongs to our God.

Flor Venegas C.
ICCM Field Coordinator, Chile

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