Sergio Loyola’s town still is without water and electricity. He seems to be able to receive calls at this point but still can’t call out on his phone. He doesn’t know of any FM loss of life or injury and has been to visit different towns to see how people are doing. He has been in touch with all district leaders and has heard that some pastors have lost their homes. He is planning to go to Talcahuala (where the tsunami hit) tomorrow because he isn’t able to get in touch with anyone there. He plans to contact Kay midday tomorrow and provide more information then.

Kay asked for prayer for Alejandra, a 9 year old daughter of a pastor from Los Angeles. Their home was destroyed and they escaped with just their lives. She is in terrible shock and depression.

There is word of looting for food and water in the town nearest the epicenter and they expect to hear more of this.

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